Sytyke - Tulipunapalsami AANIA-8

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The world's only stick-kantele-orchestra Sytyke was founded in 2005. The sextet uses 19 and 20-stringed Saarijärvi-kanteles mainly plucked with wooden sticks. This style of playing kantele with a stick as a plectrum - instead of plucking the strings with fingers only - was customary in the Saarijärvi region. The style itself almost disappeared from Finland, but has recently experienced a revival.


1. Paimeniikos työ oletta (Sampo Korva) 3:59

2. Kokkolan polska (Trad.) 3:34

3. Tulipunapalsami (Pauliina Syrjälä) 6:16

4. A-molssi & Grannas bastu (Trad.) 4:34

5. EliNoita (Ulla-Sisko Jauhiainen) 3:50

6. Väinämöisen soitto — Sufi Tales (Nikolay Ivanov) 4:12

7. Miete (Maija Kauhanen) 7:20

All songs arranged by Sytyke except ”Miete” by Maija Kauhanen and ”Tulipunapalsami” Pauliina Syrjälä. Lyrics traditional except ”EliNoita” by Ulla-Sisko Jauhiainen and ”Väinämöisen soitto” Trad./Ulla-Sisko Jauhiainen.

Members: Riikka Jaakola, Ulla-Sisko Jauhiainen, Maija Kauhanen, Marja-Liisa Keinänen, Sampo Korva, Pauliina Syrjälä.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Taito Hoffrén
Produced by Sytyke & Taito Hoffrén
Graphic design by Tero Vesterinen
Photos by Nina Dannert
Translations by Girilal Baars

ISRC FI7KA0900001—7
EAN: 64 3002409 011

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