This is the second solo album by Jarmo Romppanen, published by Ääniä Records of Finland. Romppanen is one of the leading mandolinists in the Nordic countries. At the moment he´s creating a new style of playing, never before heard on mandolin. The music on this album is influenced by Finnish-Karelian kantele and bowed lyre playing, by the Swedish triplet-polska tradition and by North-American Old Time music. There are long legato melodic phrases, lots of slurs, fast runs, melodic variations and improvised parts between the themes.

This is a studio live album, recorded completely solo with no overdubs or edits (except fades) on it.

Jarmo Romppanen: 10-string mandolin, foot stomping, recording

Mixed and mastered by: Taito Hoffrén

Cover designed by: Tero Vesterinen

English translations: Girilal Baars

Publiced by: Ääniä Records

Distribution: Töölön Musiikkitukku Oy

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